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Hi Readers! Happy Middle of February. I’m sitting here on a snow day while it is freezing cold outside writing this post.

Today I am writing about something that has always been on my mind but a lot more lately which is consciousness and the freeing of your mind. Now if you know me you might know I very rarely listen to the radio. Why you might ask? For me music is life I eat, sleep and breathe music. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I am not listening to some form of music. And for me I know that what I listen to can have an impact on my life and spirit and how I feel. If my life and spirit doesn’t feel well I will get emotionally sick. What is on the radio is sadly poison us. What they feed us is making us sick. It’s the same stuff they have been spouting out for years trying to hypnotize us into these robots who can’t see past these fake songs about sex, money, women and drugs (the coco, molly whatever). They put out these fast catchy hooks and a beat to grab your attention and then you will pretty much listen to anything without looking at the lyrics. For me this is not what is “poppin.” The “powers that be” or capitalism/the system control these artist and radio stations so that they become these mindless beings putting out trash. It’s sad. The young kids out there sadly don’t know anything else but its super sad because they honestly look up to these artist and all they are giving them is filth. And I’m not talking about one genera of music but all genera’s because this happens across the board from pop to rock to hiphop to dance music to whatever it’s all trash on the radio.

For me it is about damn time that this cycle ends of capitalistic control of our music. It’s time we wake up and start listening to these artist who are trying to make music to wake us up. These artist might be few and far between but their there you just have to look for them. Take Beyoncé or Nikki Minaji, T. Swift or Katy Perry and read their lyrics and really read them and then read a Willow Smith, Soja, Nako Bear, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Florance + the Machine, Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder, and other artist who really are bringing this message of being self-aware and socially conccious while spreading the one universal message of love. Which if you look at this world it really is all about love. Love for your fellow human, your family, our Mother Earth and of course self-love above it all. It’s a lot to think about when we live in this capitalistic mental slavery world I know but not impossible.

It’s not just through music either it’s through tv, movies, media all of it. Right now kids who grow up from 2000-on have become conditioned with technology from birth. They spend less and less time outside and know how to download an app by the time their 1. They don’t have any spiritual connection with the land. They only know tv, iPads and video games but that’s what the capitalistic world wants from us. They wanna brainwash us and get us away from the love and the spirit. Every few months you got the latest model of some technology and if you don’t got it your lame. People will go out on Black Friday and during these sales and end up physical hurting each other for the low price. It’s sick! Then you have the MTVs and the VH1s that don’t even show music videos anymore and you just get garbage like pregnant teenagers, and basketball wives. You have reality tv like the stupid Kardashians and the Bad Girls Clubs and stuff just throwing it in your face 24/7.

They even do it to your food. The powers that be make the fresh produce and healthy food a higher price than the junk food and soda so the people who get paid less can’t afford it. That is how they keep us from advancing and keep us grasping for that next $8 paycheck to feed our kids.

We need more of that conscious life and less of that fake capitalistic life. We need people to start waking up and realizing what they’re doing. Start stand up for something they care about and just being grateful for what you have and stop complaining all the time. But it honestly all comes from within first. Self-love to loving of your family and being grateful for what you have to loving your communities and helping them to wake up and see the light. There is too many of us out here that is tired of the petty stuff and just really wants the Mother Earth’s people to Free Your Mind!

Steps To Take to Help To Free Your Mind:
1. Get off Technology- Now of course I have to work on this myself. Of course technology can be a good thing when used the right way to be able to get a message across or get news to people in a timely manner. That doesn’t mean you should be on your phone everyday all day 24/7. Yes use your phone to go on facebook and post about the new petition going around for no more fraking or whatever then get off and go outside. Go play a sport, take a hike, ride your bike, plant a flower, help beautify the earth. Spread Love!
2. Don’t Support Trash TV- Now I know there are those of you out there that really do think these reality tv shows are what’s hot but I’m here to tell you that is not poppin. Being illiterate and fighting and cheating and getting naked and exploiting your kids for a few dollars on a tv show is wrong. And those of you who watch this nonsense are just contributing to ratings which makes them money and keeps their shows on tv. If you wanna watch tv go watch the history channels Ancient Aliens and learn some history or watch Avatar the Last Airbender or Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays on her OWN network or online or just turn it off. Too much tv is bad for you. Go outside. Go play a sport, take a hike, ride your bike, plant a flower, help beautify the earth. Spread Love!
3. Stop Listening to the Trash Radio- Ok this one I feel like we can all do even if we don’t do the other 2. Turn off the radio and start listening to real music. T. Swift talking about the 20 millith guy she has broken up with instead of talking about love is stupid we get. Katy Perry taking from black culture is not hip and cool why don’t you find your own sound and talk about love or bounce. Beyoncé you and J-Zay the so called “first couple of hiphop” (which is debatable) stop exploiting yourself and being sex icons and pimps and start using your platform for good and talk about love. Real music comes from the heart and without it your just a bunch of mindless zombies. Spread Love!
4. Stop Eating Unhealthy- Meaning don’t contribute to the obesity rate in this country and buy some chips and soda. Wake Up! Buy from your local farms markets & bodegas if you got them. Petition to get healthy food in your grocery stores. Get off that sugar, meat and proceed food addiction. Plant your own veggies and fruit and feed your families love from the Mother Earth and your hands. Spread Love!
5. Become Higher Minded- That can mean with whatever spiritual being you believe from a religious/spiritual stand point. That can mean increasing your vibrations. That can mean meditation, yoga, going to the gym. That can be doing something that really makes you happy and makes you smile every time you think about it. It can be anything that just brings you pure joy that nobody can take away from you. Spread Love!
6. Spread Love!- I feel I said this a lot in this post already but for real though love really is the answer and if you can get with that message your life will be a lot better off. Smile at someone when you see them walking down the street. Pay for someone’s groceries if they don’t have it. Enjoy some’s company. Laugh! Spend time with those who are important in your life. And above all just say I love you more! Spread Love!

Ok so there you go. I just have been listening to a lot of J. Cole, Joey Bada$$, Willow Smith, Soja, Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo and Nako Bear & Medicine for the People among others so I have been on this social conscious self-love tip and I just felt like writing this post. I hope in some way or fashion this post helps someone to see the light. To see that there is more out there then just what is put in front of you every day.

So as always I will leave you with some songs/artist, tv shows, movies and media to help in freeing your mind.

Conscious Music:

Conscious Books & Media:

Conscious TV & Movies:

Ancient Aliens:

Super Soul Sunday:

Beast of the Southern Wild:

A Wrinkle In Time:

Whale Rider:


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:




Me. Fenny:

Kid President:

Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra:

Till Next Time Spread Love! ❤️













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