Hey all! TGIF! I hope your somewhere warm and staying out of this cold, snow & wind.

I just wanted to draw your attention to this cool thing I am apart of with the NY based food justice org Why Hunger and a few of my fellow Rooted In Community family. We are making a Youth Food Justice Zine to uplift the voices of youth food justice activists as well as inter-generational narratives around youth power within the United States.

It a way for youth to tell their stories or the stories of their community in a fun and creative way. What are we looking for? Art (drawings, lyrics, slam poetry, photos, collages, rhymes, reflections ect.) and writings around food justice work. You can also be a big help and help us get the word out through social media or in person to friends who might be interested in submitting.

We will be having a call for submission starting February 1st and ending April 1st, 2015. I hope all who are reading this who are youth or know of a great youth in the food justice movement to be featured in the zine will come check it out and help make a really awesome Zine.

Here are our social media:


Our Blog:



Please check it out and follow us to see our progress and to contribute.


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Ayisah is a hippie who loves Mother Earth and takes a lot of pride in her African American & Native American heritage. She loves turtles & dolphins and hopes to move to California one day and live by the beach. She loves nature and taking photos of everything. Helping people is a way of life for Ayisah she treasures it a lot and prides her self on being a giving, loving person. She takes her spiritual beliefs very seriously. She is studying to become a social justice photo journalist and starting this blog is her first step.

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