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Hello Readers! I listen to a lot Fueled by Ramen as a lot of my favorite artist are apart of their record label.

Fueled by Ramen is a record label out of Atlantic Records which resides in NYC. The label came about in Gainesville, Florida by John Jacnick and the drummer of Less then Jake Vinnie Fiorllo in ’96. The name of the label was made out of the fact that John and Vinnie couldn’t afford anything to eat but Raman as they spend all their money on records.

After starting up the label they put out the Arizona rockers Jimmy Eats World’s first album in ’98 and due to its success was able to open an office in Tampa, Florida. Then came Fall Out Boy who they signed in 2003 and who helped them open Decaydance records to which they signed Gym Class Heroes and Panic at the Disco. Other big FBR artist are Paramore, Fun, Twenty One Pilots, Young the Giant

I started to listen to FBR in middle school around the time they got really big and have kind of grown up with them.

Here is a list of my favorite past & present artist apart of Fueled by Raman Label.

Gym Class Heroes/Travie McCoy:

Ok if you know me you know I love GCH & Travie. They are a band out of Ganiva, NY who started over 20 years before they got signed. Travie, Matt, Disashi, & Eric. They were signed when Pete herd Travie’s rhyme on Taxi Driver and they were off and got signed to both FBR & Decaydance (FOB label). GCH has this very unquite sound where they mix rock, hiphop, funk, R&B and pop. Their lyrics are very much about life, hardships and putting yourself back together. I’m pretty much in love with them and listen to them almost everyday. Then you Travie McCoy’s solo stuff and he is just great humble guy. Check them out.

Fall Out Boy:

Now if you don’t know FOB you need to check yourself. Fall Out Boy are probably the biggest export to come out of Fueled By Ramen ever. A band out of Chicago came Patrick, Pete, Andy, Joe. When I first started listening to this genre of music they were my first inside into this world. When I was in middle school 2005-2006 they were biggest then since sliced bread. Everyone was Fall Out Boy crazy and they were good for it. They were there for me when I need them when things got heavy in my life. Anyway then they had three more great years after that and then nothing. Patrick put out an album Soul Punk which I liked and Pete was with his other band the Black Cards. For three years it was silent and then bam out of nowhere FOB where back with Save Rock & Roll and the world was happy. I went to their 2013 Save Rock & Roll Tour and I had a blast. This year they also have a new album out American Beauty/American Psycho. Check them out their wonderful.


Probably the second largest band to come out of Fueled by Ramen. Originally Hayley, Josh, Zack, Jeremy, Taylor up till 2009 and now just Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor. They hail from the shores of Tennessee and are a beautiful pop-punk band with funk & gospel tendencies. I first got hooked on them in 2007 with Crushcrushcrush and just latched on and I just love them. Hayley and her crazy hair and voice, Taylor is cute with his curly hair and just the whole vibe of the band. They were also a band that took a hiatus when Zack & Josh left the band. Only to come back after two years bigger and stronger then ever with Paramore which I loved because it was all about and growing up something I am going through right now. Anyway check them out their great.

Twenty One Pilots:

A really unique band out of Columbus, Ohio. I just recently did a blog post about them celebrating the two year anniversary of their first FBR record Vessel. Check it out: https://atomic-temporary-67213700.wpcomstaging.com/2015/01/09/music-review-twenty-one-pilots-vessel/

Young the Giant: There a really cool band as well. They had an album out in 2011 Young the Giant self signed with some good indie hits before signing with FBR in 2013 and putting out Mind over Matter. Great band and sound plus the lead sing is a looker. Check them out.

Panic at the Disco:

Ok these guys were big right around the same time as FOB and they were just as big. Those two bands basically helped bring the pop-punk scene back to the mainstream. Brandon Urie and yea that’s all I really know of them. Now I can’t say I was a huge fan of Panic but they were good had some catchy hits and even tried out the indie/folkie vibe for a second. They never really had a hiatus but in 2013 when the other pop-punk bands made their returns they came out with their album Too Weird To Live Too Rare to Die! with a few good hits. There worth a listen.

Sublime With Rome:

So this is basically our beloved Sublime from the ’90s (mines Brad) with a new lead singer in Rome. At first I was skeptical I’m a big sublime fan but they grew on me. I only like a couple songs and I just consider them a novelty band. They’re a good listen though.

Jimmy Eats World:

These guys have to be on of the oldest bands to be on FBR as they started in the late ’90s early 2000s. You might remember them by hits like “In the Middle” “Pain” and yea that’s it. Their kind of one hit wonders cause I haven’t really listened to them much but I do like these hits so they’re worth a listen.

Well there you have it. My dream is for one day for Fueled by to make tour featuring past and present artist headling. That would rock. Anyway check out these artist.

Till next time keep rockin on! 🎸





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