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Hi everyone! Here is another music review for a group I have really fallen in love with over the past few years Twenty One Pilots and their album Vessel who celebrated it’s two year anniversary yesterday.

Album: Vessel

Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Type: Indie, Rock, Hiphop, Electronic Beats, Ukulele

Twenty One Pilots is a band out of Columbus, Ohio signed to the Fueled by Ramen label which is home for other well know bands such as Paramore, Panic at the Disco, Young the Giant, Gym Class Heroes, Fun ect.. It was also the home of Fall Out Boy for a while and they have a pretty big fallowing.

Twenty One Pilots started out in 2009 with college friends Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas & Chris Salih. The concept for the band name came from Tyler studying All My Sons by Arther Miller, a play about a man who must decided what is best for his family after causing the death of ‘twenty one pilots’ during WWII because he knowingly sent them faulty parts from the parts of the good of his business. On December 29, 2009, they released their debut, self-titled album and began touring in Ohio. They then put out a few different songs on their soundcloud account and then in mid-2011 Nick Thomas & Chris Salih left due to busy schedules. Soon after Tyler was then joined by Josh Dun former live drummer for the band House of Heroes.

Their second self release Regional at Best was released July 8, 2011 with new lineup consisting of only Tyler and Josh. The album accompanied by a free CD release show at New Albany High School and then in November 2011 they played a sold out show at Columbus’ Newport Music Hall attracting the attention of a dozen record labels. Although many labels fought over them they decided to sign with the Atlantic Records label Fueled by Ramen. That same year they also gave fans two free songs the original “House of Gold” & “Two” and then in February 2012 they released the music video for the song “Goner” which is still unreleased except for the video.

In the spring of 2012 they did a sold out show at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion where they announced their signing to Fueled by Ramen. Their first release with FBR was a three song EP, entitled Three Songs. In August 2012, they went on a short tour with Neon Trees and Walk the Moon. Their first official album with FBR Vessel which was release January 8th, 2013 and produced by Greg Wells reached No. 10 on the Alternative Albums Chart. On March 17, the band performed at the mtvU Woodie Awards during SXSW and also performed “Car Radio” at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on April 13th. In May 2013 they toured with Fall Out Boy & Panic at the Disco (which I went to the FOB concert when it came to VA but sadly missed Twenty One Pilots performance) and in 2014 started their own tour Quiet is Violent. During the tour they performed at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Firefily and as a result took the show request from different cities and blended them into the Quiet is Violent World Tour which they did some Australian shows with fellow FBR label mates Paramore.

Why do I like Twenty One Pilots?: They are new, fresh and cool. They mix some elecro-beats with some killer drumming by Josh (have you seen this guy he is on fire!) some ukulele riffs and some awesome singing and rapping by Tyler. Oh and have you seen them doing flips and jumping around on stage while wearing their snow masks. Mix it all together and you’ve got Twenty One Pilots. I consider their music to be art that helps uplift the youth of today and tomorrow. Their lyrics especially speak to me as I feel they are talking from the prospective of the youth that come to their shows. People like to make it out to seem like young people don’t have a hard time growing up and even as an adult it can be hard; shoot I go through stuff every day. And I feel like Twenty One Pilots gets it and their trying to help heal people through their music but it is catchy and great to dance to as well. Also Tyler has said the reason he raps in some of the songs is because his poetry can get really long and then he when he has to “wrap” up a song he will rap to speed it up and get it all in the song. Oh and the picture on the front of the album is Tyler & Josh’s grandpas too cute.

Songs I like off the album:

All of them but I do got my favorites.

Holding On To You: This was the first song I herd from them. I saw their music video on mtvU and instantly fell in love. I was like wow who are these dudes drumming and singing and rapping and got their cool little metaphors in their lyrics I was sold.

*Migraine*: This one is my favorite songs off the album as their metaphors are off the chain. At the time I first herd this song I was going through a tough time with my job and life and these words really spoke to me. Favorite line: “I’ve got a migraine and my pain will range from up down and sideways thank God it’s Friday ‘Cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays ‘Cause Sundays are my suicide days”

Car Radio: One of their singles for the album. The idea that you need something to distract you (like music) from the crazy thoughts in your head. But what are you going to do when you don’t have that? “Cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence” In the video you also get to see Tyler cutting his hair before a show.

Guns for Hands: love this song too. Very catchy beat and drumming. “Cause you all got guns & and you never put the safety on & you’ve all got plans to take it” “I’m trying I’m trying to sleep but I can’t when you’ve all got guns for hands yea” Then Tyler brakes it down with his rhymes “We’ve turned our hands to guns, trade in our thumbs for ammunition, I must forewarn you, of my disorder, or my condition, ‘Cause when the sun sets, it upsets what’s left of my invested interest, Interested in putting my fingers to my head, The solution is, I see a whole room of these mutant kids, Fused at the wrist, I simply tell them they should shoot at this,
Simply suggest my chest and this confused music, it’s, Obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist”

House of Gold: This is one of their slower songs. No rapping, minimal drumming & it’s mostly Tyler singing and playing his ukulele. The lyrics are really cute kind of mom talking to her son and vise versa. “I will make you queen of everything you see I’ll put you on the map I’ll cure you of diseases” in the video they are out in the dessert and their severed selves are lying on the ground singing and drumming.

Bonus: Tyler Solo Singing:

So there you go Twenty One Pilots in a nutshell. I give them an A+ definitely think you should check them out check out Vessel and if your a fan and wanna see them live hit me up sometime. Happy Anniversary Vessel!

Tell next time stay warm! ❄️



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