Girl Meets World: Nostalgia met Disney and gave us Riley


Hello Again Readers! Here is yet another post in the past few days. Being on school break has givin me a lot of time on my hands to write. Yay!

Anyway this post is a continuation of a previous post I did on the Disney channel show Girl Meets World (which I will link the previous post). For those that don’t know Girl Meets World is a continuation of the 1990s tv sitcom Boy Meets World about a boy named Cory Mathews who goes through the trials and tribulations of life from falling in love, having that best friend, siblings to having your teacher turned principal turned college professor living next door. This follows Cory and his wife Topanaga as they moved from Philly to New York and now have a daughter named Riley and this show kind of follows her through her trials and tribulations.

Now in my previous post I talked about the skepticism of the show and how we didn’t want it to take away the legacy that is BMW. I also say how the pilot surprised me and wasn’t bad. That being said though the show gets much better as it goes on and the characters and actors get better too.

Ok so in my last post I said we needed more Topanaga which we get and its great. We see her being more motherly to Riley and Auggie as well as Maya. We also see her having to deal with Auggie’s friend Ava who is a trip, really funny and knows how to get on Topanaga’s nerves. The best episode though is the one where we get to see season 1 Topanaga from BMW help new adult Topanaga remember the power of doing good. Also we get some good moments between her and Cory.

Then I said you need less Farkle (spelling) and how he needed to calm down and be more like Minkus. Well from the pilot on he does calm down a lot and becomes a very likable character. Some great moments with Farkle is how he always comes through Riley’s bedroom window. Learning that Minkus is his dad which is great and explains a lot. The best Farkle episode is when he is being bullied and Riley, Maya & Lucas go crazy to find out who it is. Farkle is funny are really brings something to the show. (Hope they don’t cut him like poor Minkus at his prime)

The last person I said they needed more of in the show (and I’m sure the guys at AfterBuzz TV will agree) is cute, funny, adorable Auggie! I am in love with him! Auggie really brings the kid humor to the show they way Morgan did for BMW. Some scenes I love of Auggie’s are any with his parents the way he bounces off Cory and Topanaga is really cute. Then any with him and Ava or Riley any of the females in the cast. But with Auggie I don’t have a favorite scene I kind of like all of his scenes they are all so funny and do a great job of breaking up a rather hard hitting episode with his cute little humor. Auggie gets an A+ in my book.

Some Favorite Episodes or Scenes:

So a few of them I already posted above like the return of Minkus, the return of old Topanaga and the Farkle bully episode but here are a few more great episodes.

No Technology Episode:
Cory makes the class do an assignment without technology or phones. Great message.

Father/Daughter Episode:
Riley picking her friends over her dad but in the end comes to realize her dad is more important.

Career Day:
Ok this one is very similar to the Shawn Career Day episode in BMW. Maya’s mom comes in all late with a bunch of stories and then when Maya needs her mom to come to her art show she is MIA and Riley goes to confront her.

These are former BMW actors or famous people from TV, music & film.

I did one of them above Minkus but here are a few others.

️Jackee: She makes a few cameos twice in the pilot and even gets her own episode called Crazy Hat which about the future, doing good and not judging a book by its cover.

Harley Kyner:
Harley makes a few cameos himself as well as gets to be apart the Forgottens episode about the value of people. Best part we get to hear him say Johnny Baboon to Cory. (Kind of hope one day Joey and Frankie guest star)

Some cool nostalgia moments during Cory & Topanaga’s anniversary:

Now these ones your probably already know about but- Allen, Amy, Joshua & Shawn
These are the best cameos all season! Holiday episode Shawn wants a family and bonds with Riley and Maya. I love Joshua Mr. surprise because I was a surprise baby too. (go us for having old siblings & parents!)

Ok so here is my verdict on Girl Meets World I will give it an A- and for a couple of reason that I’ve noticed through out the show.

One Cory lets Riley run his life. Now I know it is all in good fun and no one is condoning that kind of behavior towards your parents I just think Riley is a little too much of a smart mouth to Cory at times. I guess I’m sort of going by the whole Cory Allen relationship and also the Mr. Feeny relationship. They would have scolded Cory for even thinking about acting that way towards them.

Also the sort of unrealistic way they dress on the show. When I was 13 I didn’t know what fashion even meant (still don’t to some people) and I was just going into puberty so everything was weird. I think BMW did a better job of dressing Cory & Shawn in big tshirts and sweaters. Even Topanaga for the hippie of the group dressed more natural for a tween.

Now this one I’m not sure about but I think it’s hard to believe that they let two tween girls walk the streets and subway system of A major city alone. Especially in a city like New York. I mean I could see in the suburbs of Philadelphia Cory and Shawn going where ever they want. Maybe that’s because I can relate to that suburban lifestyle more.

The last thing is Cory & Topanaga don’t have as much passion. We all love Cory and Topanaga but I just feel in the new series their not as into their relationship as on BMW. They barely interact aside from doing something with the kids and they only have given us one kiss the whole season. Now I know it’s Riley’s story now and I get it. But I still love me some Corpanaga forever!

Anyway I do recommend you guys check it out if you haven’t already your ’90s self will thank you. Oh and definitely catch the episodes in season 2 with Shawn, Eric & Mr. Feeny!

Catch you on the flipside love ❤️

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