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Hello Again! This time I will be writing about my favorite things I watch on youtube. Now I don’t go on Youtube all the time but when I do I like to watch things like vloggers, webshows, diy tutorials, interviews & more. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Black Nerd Comedy:

Ok take your average nerd now make him an ’80s-’90s buff who loves, TMNT, Smurfs, Power Rangers, Gremlins and much much more. Oh and did I mention he is black and old like in his 30s or 40s old lol I came across Andre about a 6 months ago and man he is funny. But besides being really really funny he also talks from the perspective of a black nerd which I think is great. Anyway I highly recommend you check him out! (Check out a lot of his earlier videos those are the funniest)



Ok you will learn that I kind of like list of ranking pop culture in some sort of fashion (I love watching those 100 Greatest Songs on VH1) and that is exactly what Mojo does. They take anything that comes to their minds anything at all and makes a list about it. Like I just recently watched a series they had on decade defining alternative music through out the years starting with the ‘8os-2000s then did a separate video on taking those most popular song from each decade and ranking them. They do list on movies, music, video games, books, national landmarks they even do interviews with artist. The list buff in me when I found this was very happy. Check it out!



The Unwritten Rules:

This series is a about a girl named Racey who works in a mostly white workplace and has to deal with the everyday going on of being a “black face in a white place”. Based on the book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” (Butterfly Ink Publishing, 2004), the web-series examines the comedic realities of Racey Jones, an African-American in a predominantly white workplace. I found out about this webseries during their second season and once I started to watch this show I just found so many different things I could relate to. At the time I was working in DC and even though my work place was multicultural I felt as if in other settings I could relate. Plus not just in work in other places in my life too. While you might think some of the jokes or  comments are a little old fashion you will learn that it helps to tell Racey’s story. She goes over many different topics including the fascination of black hair, soul food, being thought of as too good for the black employees and not good enough for the whites ect. but in a funny kind of way. I defiantly recommend this web series to anyone who can relate to this in their life or anyone who likes office comedy.




I just came on to this one. He name is Mato Toro and he does fitness, music reviews, and video production and he is pretty cool I mostly watch his music review videos and I like the way he reviews them. He takes a song or a record and he listens to it for the first time and he gives his first bass reaction of what he thinks of the song. You guys should go check him out if your a music fan.


LaMadelynn & JaaackJack: :

I love watching LaMadelynn’s videos she is so cute and kind of how I wish I was in life. She does these really cute fashion videos mostly with some room tours, hair & makeup videos and lookbooks. I love her fashion and the way she is able to bring together really cute combinations of clothes. She also has really good taste in music and her channel is just very dream like and cute. Plus I like the way she sets up her room. Anyway if your into fashion, lookbooks and hair & makeup videos go check her out.


Jack Jack is a cool fashion channel too. She does a lot of hair, makeup, and fashion videos as well as some how to make videos, fitness and healthy eating videos. Hailing from California she is pretty cute too. I would just say if you like cute fashion videos then check her out.



This channel is a natural hair channel where she shows people hairstyles, washing care, product reviews and more. As I am going natural myself her videos are very helpful for me to watch and get inspiration from. Plus to watch the way her hair has grown since she has been natural is ambition for us viewers. She also has a personal vlogg where she focus more on her family. Check her out if you are in the natural hair community and need some inspiration.



This is Pharell Williams channel where he puts his videos and has segments that his i Am Other team do. One of those segments I like is the style hunt videos where the host goes all over the city asking people about what their wearing and what their style is. Another segment I like is the voice of art videos he has on GMOs. What he does is put videos by an artist or hill have interviews of an artist about GMOs. The last segment I am a big fan of is stereotypes. This segment takes the host all over NYC, DC & London and shows him asking people on the street about different stereotypes and how they feel about them. I think this one is a great segment as it opens up dialogue and discussion about these issues. (Plus it’s too funny) I am other is Pharell’s brand where he welcomes different. So go check out his channel.


Sensei Aishitemasu:

Ok I am warning you now that you might wanna take her with a grain of salt. I just happened upon her one day and I will say its a bit much but I like it. Her videos are all about race and racism in American pop culture. I will say she gets mad a lot in her videos which rightfully so but she does bring up some very good topics and issues. I will also warn you she is pretty pro-black but like I said she opens a lot of dialogue on a number of topics. Check her out.


The Working Class:

Another music reviewing channel where they review all different kinds of music old & new. They are from DC and I like the way they review a song or an album and then tell you 3 songs off the album they liked. It helps me decided wether the music is worth checking out. If your a music lover check them out.


Jimmy Fallon:

If you watch late night talk shows then you know who Jimmy Fallon is. He is hilarious and so are his guest. Plus he has the Roots one of the greatest hiphop bands as his late night band. My favorite sketches are eww! any with Justin Timberlake and when his guest and him have to sing. Check him on NBC late night or on YouTube.


Kid President:

Kid President is awesome! He just makes me so happy! Robby Novak is an actor best known for portraying the character Kid President online and on television. He has a series of YouTube videos and a television show, produced by Soul Pancake. Kid President makes very happy motivational videos about life and doing better for the world. When ever I am having a bad day I can pop on one of his videos and feel a lot better. Robby also has a illness where his bones are very brittle and break a lot. His bones have broken over 70 times but that doesn’t stop him from getting up and dancing. He is just a great kid please watch his videos I think this kid could change the world.



Power 105, Hot 97, Sway in Morning

These channels are just radio stations where I watch a lot of their artist and celebrity interviews they do. They also do funny segments like Power 105 The Breakfast Club does their donkey of the day story where a celebrity will do some stupid thing and then they will give them a donkey by making donkey noises. Sway I knew about on MTV and then Hot 97 I just got into. Check them out of you like music.




Alright well there you go these are just some of what I watch on a regular on YouTube and keep reading my blog. Till next time Love ❤️

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