Emptying our Closet: The Adventures of Selling Online



Hey Folks! This post is about my mom and I who are starting to sell online. We are making products like bath salts, spiritual first aid kits, jewelry and sachets on Etsy under our store Spiritual Gifts. We are also selling things on Ebay under Empty Closets that we get from different places around the world and locally like earrings, cross body bags from Guatemala, string paintings from Ghana, necklaces and such. The last place we will be selling things on is Amazon where we will be selling books. If you know us we have A LOT of books my mom has gotten over the years from the time she had a POC children’s book store back in the day in DC to her volunteering at our local library. So we need to let some other book lovers take hold of her collections. Now I am also going to be promoting our products here on my blog heavily and will put pictures and links of the items we are selling as well. I will also need you my readers to help us out by helping to promote our protects which will be a big help for us. At the moment we haven’t put anything up on Etsy & Amazon but should have some stuff up on there by new week and please check back for that and I will be posting pictures and the link to what we have up on Ebay as of now. Like I said it would mean a lot to us if you guys would promote and support us. Love <3

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