2015: The Year that Will be Mine


Happy 2015! We are 12 hrs in to what looks like an amazing!

For me 2014 & the subsequent 2013 where not really my best two years. Yes some pretty amazing things came out of them like becoming apart of the youth food justice leadership org Rooted In Community, getting to go to New Mexico, Montana & Boston for the first time, becoming apart of the women’s group Ecohermanas, going to NOLA for my dad’s family reunion, learning how to make tamales from scratch, going to Arizona to visit my sister-friend I haven’t seen in 4 years and more. But on the flip side some pretty crazy things happened those years. Like me ending up in the hospital in the spring of 2013, then having a similar thing happen to another family member in 2014, leaving my job and not finding another one since (although I might be working at my local library cross your fingers), getting hung-over drunk for the first time (which never again), getting really depressed for like the first three months in 2013, and having a friend runaway and try to kill himself. Now I guess you could say Ayisah the good out way the bad which is true, but the bad where so much bigger then the good in a way it felt like I hold those higher (which I shouldn’t).

Anyway this post is about my New Year’s resolutions & what I want or need to happen or what I want to see myself doing or being better at. Now yes I will have those ones like go to the gym more and stuff but bare with me. I really want 2015 to be my year and right here right now I am putting it out in the universe & so it is!

1. Go to the Gym More & Cook More
Ok I know what your thinking it’s the one resolution no one can keep. Well my goal for this one is to make sure I go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week and that I don’t base this on any amount of weight loss I just base it on staying healthy. To go along with this healthy thing I also wanna start cooking more and healthy meals.

2. Travel
Now I did do a good amount of traveling in 2013/2014 but I think I have become a traveling junkie and I just love the thought of going somewhere new. I don’t know where the road of travel will take me but I wanna go somewhere (provided I get a job and money flow). Dream trips: Guatemala, Ireland, Hawaii, New Zealand/Australia, road trip cross the country, California, Texas, Colorado, Washington state, Portland

3. Take more Pictures
Ok so this one I keep saying I wanna get back into and not just like Instagram pics I mean real photography. Granted I need a new camera but I hopefully will be granted with that by the universe.

4. Be more active Spiritual
What that means is to be more forth coming and active about my spirituality. Now yes of course I’m spiritual and I pray at night but it needs to be more then that. There needs to be more the practice of doing spiritual things & with other like minded people. Meditation & do more yoga as well. It’s in me to be spiritual and I need to own it.

5. Get a Job & Figure Out What Really Moves me in this World
I need a job! Mostly for money but it would be great if it where in something that brings me joy. Do I know what that is right now? Not quit. I am on the path of Journalism right now which I do like to write hens this blog. But I can’t find something that really is moving me through this life. That what I wanna figure out in 2015. I know I have a purpose I just wanna find it.

6. Have More Fun!
Most people who know me know I am a straight up couch potato for real. I need motivation everyday to get up and do something. I need people to get me off my butt and be like let’s go do something fun and not let me back out of it. Also I need to really get off social media unless it’s for like an org I am posting about or something really special or important.

7. Finding a place to occupy space
I still live with my parents if you can believe it and my parents are in retirement mode. They wanna move to an island and live happily out their days doing them. I am happy for them about that but that leaves me. Now my dream would be to move to California, Colorado or Texas with my homie from Arizona. But to be honest I’m not sure if that will happen and I need to find somewhere else to occupy and get from under my parents. 2015 hook me up!

8. Need a Car (and licenses)
This is kind of self explanatory although my sisters like why not just get a moped instead it’s cheaper.

9. See more music acts live
Ok as you know by now I love music and I have always wanted to see music acts live. I’ve only been to 3 concerts (Incubus, PATD/FOB, and a band my friend likes called the Wombats) but I wanna go to more. Top music acts I wanna see: The Black Keys, Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monáe, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Terraplane Sun, TH, Twenty One Pilots, J-Cole, Allen Stone, A Tribe Called Red, Soja, Michael Fronte, Nahko and the Medicine People and I really wanna go to a music festival

10. Find More Socially Conscious & Spiritually Open Friends
Ok I have friends and I appreciate them they’re great. A lot of them are like brothers & sisters to me. But I have noticed and I feel I have always felt and thought this way it just became more prevalent as I could articulate it better. I have noticed my thoughts and my actions being so heavily socially conscious and thinking about of social justice & issues. I see the world through this lens but my friends don’t. They don’t see it or think about it the way I do. I have to skool them on some stuff and even after I tell them they still don’t really care or understand so I don’t bring it up often. So and I know it is hard to believe that I don’t have any socially aware friends but it’s true, so in 2015 I want to gain some friends who are socially conscious and aware and that I can have conversations with even on the surface about issues that matter to me. I also of course shan’t them to be more open to spirituality because that’s a big part of my life.

11. Keep being the Fabulous Person I Am!
*Duh!* 😄

Ok so there you go some of my resolutions for the New Year. Now these might be a little hard to follow through with so I am going to need my readers to keep me accountable and help me reach my goals. And hey let me know if guys have any resolutions and you need help keeping accountable cause I’m great at helping others be accountable just not myself lol 😜

So with that I will leave you with my motivational music to kick start your beautiful 2015 into high gear! 🌺







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