To Be Colored in 21st Century America


It’s Sunday December 14, 2014. Yesterday was a day of action for a lot of cities in America who were
marching and rallying for black lives. In September a big Climate Justice March was held in New York City and several Native youth came to protest the wrongfulness of the Key Stone Pipeline. Thousands protest the wrongful deportation of immigrant families everyday.

This being said it is a crazy hard time to be colored in 21st century America.

Two weeks ago all hell broke out as another white male (a cop no less) was let free after killing yet another black boy. Last week the trial of another cop who killed a black man went underway and he was seen not guilty. In Indian Country, First Nations are fighting a war against their land and their lively hood as lawmakers debate over the KeyStone Pipeline & fight Dan Snyder over his racist team name. Then you have the influx of immigrant kids in the US without their parents that the republicans are trying to send them back across the border.

All this being said it is getting harder and harder out in these streets to be a person of color. I mean it always has been but the small strides we have been able to make over the past 50 years feel like we have taken about 50 steps back lately.

It hurts my heart that in 2014 with a black president & all the strides we’ve made in technology that we are unable to get along. From the city, to the reservation, to the border it is just getting crazy.

Privilege in this country is a joke. Their can be a privileged person of color vs. a white person and still it seems as though no one cares. You know most of us are out here minding our own trying to live in this capitalistic world and its like for no reason at all they feel the need to come at us with this stuff and distract us.

I mean there are much bigger things people of color need to be doing like rising our spiritual vibrations but we are too busy trying to feed and provide for our families to think about it. I mean the things we could do if we were spiritually open, united as a people and knew the truth about the system man we could turn this world upside down.

This reminds of a girl that got interviewed for a documentary that a women’s group I’m apart of did this summer on the Anacostia River in DC. This girl was tell us about her life growing up by the river and how growing up with bullets flying each and every way in her neighborhood she didn’t have time to think about taking care of the river.

But that’s just it we have to be united as a people and stop hatin on each other like we do. If there was no more black on black crime or native people not being so focused on blood quantum (brought on by the colonist) and we really looked at each other as sisters and brothers of one people band of humans then we wouldn’t have the colonist still after 500 years trying to oppress us.

I mean really the way out of mental slavery is love and once our people wake up and see this and the true power we hold, will be kickin butt! ❤️

Take this whole Dan Snyder football team name it’s got natives divided against each other with those who find the name ok and those that are outraged about it.

Then you have the poor children who are stuck in America without their families because their parents are either deported or if they are still here can’t support their families without fear of being kicked out.

Then Ferguson.

I mean call me a conspicuous but right when Ferguson was about to pop off what does the media do to distract us? First it goes after out favorite tv dad Bill Cosby then it goes after our angel Aaliyah by making a terrible (I mean terrible) lifetime movie which got us all heated. A week later Ferguson. Well played media well played.

But then when the verdict was read it did not make us look any better by looting and acting a fool it made them thing well there they go again we are higher then them and we can do this again and again and get away with it (which they do). And to loot your own people’s businesses shame.

I mean there are white people who are on our side trying to stand in solidarity with us. Like Macklemore for example after the Michael Brown verdict he tweeted out this: @macklemore: “The system that instills & protects white supremacy wins again. Humanity loses…No justice. I pray for Mike Brown & his family. So sad.”

Anyway I wanna shout out to my peeps who keep holding it down in these times of need with peaceful protest, rallies and marches or just reading local independent real truthful news about these issues we need more of you in these hard times.

Ok ya’ll know I love music so I gotta shout out those artist who are writing truths about the social issues and the world.


J. Cole- North Carolina rapper who’s rhythms are as real as how he thinks. He is big on talking truths and caring about the world. Take his impromptu performance on Lettermen of a song about the Eric Garner verdict which will floor you & this interview he did on Power 105 where he spits wisdom. He also made a special trip to Ferguson to let the people know he cares. Just take a listen:

Common- Common Sense has always been spitting conscious raps about everything from his love of a women to his love of hip-hop to making an album to benefit AIDs. This year is no different with all the police killing of young black men he made a song which he performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards this year with Jay Electric. Take a look at this beautiful performance:

Kendrick Lamar- West Side! so sometimes I compare him to a modern day Pac but that might be because they both come from California. But honestly he talks about the hardships of being African American in America in such an elegant way while being real, true and
honest. Wether police who kill or black on black crime his poetry makes you feel. His latest song about loving yourself is much needed in these hard times and it’s got quite a hum along toon.
Listen below:

Lupe Fiasco- I just love Lupe he is always speaking his mind and bring up social issues in his music. Wether about blacks or other people he speaks truth. But if your Glen Beck you might want to steer clear of him.

Tupac’s Changes was right & I think Pac would be mad that it’s been almost 20 years since he pasted and we’re still at square one with a black president and all.

#WaternotOil & Other Native Issues:

Frank Waln- so I just recently found out about his music because of the MTV documentary series Rebel Music. They did an episode on Native American life today and he was featured. He is a native rapper from the Lakota tribe who talks a lot about the issues of Natives today like our land rights and the poor treatment of this countries first people. He also went to the People’s Climate March back in September raising awareness of the harm the Key Stone XL Pipeline will do to their land. It’s very moving and needed. Take a listen:

A Tribe Called Red- a First Nation electronic group from Canada that always speaks about the hardships of Natives while making it upbeat and fun to dance to. Check them out:

Other artists with a social mind:
Flobots Rage Against the Machine Lauryn Hill Nas MIA Macklemore Public Enemy Soja Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder Dead Prez Allen Stone Tupac Maimouna Youssef
Just to name a few.

Here is some info from independent news sources about the issues I explained above.


#WaternotOil (Keystone Pipeline)


Well till next time: care about the world! ✊






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