Hair Journey: It’s A Trip 💇


Happy Sunday Readers! So my post today is about my hair which I cut short yesterday for the first time.

Like most things in life your hair can be a journey of sorts from when your a child till an adult. From all those good hair days and bad, long and short, curly and straight and everything in between.

My hair journey starts when I’m 7 years old. I am over one of parents friends house playing in there front yard in the bushes and trees. Now if you have seen my hair you know I have some thick hair and this was before I started getting relaxers so it was even thicker, more curly & ran down to my butt. Anyway so we get ready to leave and my mom notices I have something crawling in my hair she kills it but sadly when we get home bam I have a good case of head lice. Bummer 🙁 At the time they didn’t have all the shampoos & such they have now to deal with lice and my mom didn’t know what to do. So she ended up putting these terrible chemical shampoos in my hair which striped my hair & turned it into straw. So as a last resort I end up getting a relaxer aka the creamy crack and boy was it. I ended up getting a relaxer every few months since for 14 years. I only just started going natural in 2013 (or late 2012 I can’t remember) so about two years.

Now that you know the story of my hair you might be wondering why I stuck with relaxers so long. Well being young and having as much hair as I have and thick too I got a relaxer and I was finally able to better manage my hair. My mom didn’t have to see me running down the hall screaming when she comes at me with a comb or brush it’s was better manageable hair.

Reason I stopped getting relaxers was I didn’t want to put chemicals in my hair anymore. I figured I am started to eat clean then I shouldn’t put harsh chemicals in my hair like that. Plus I haven’t seen my natural hair pattern and curls since I was a 7 so I wanna know what my hair really looks like.

But I will tell yea going natural can be hard. When you have a lot of thick hair it can be so hard to manage so I usually look like a Brillo pad lookin crazy lol.

So yesterday I decided that maybe if I cut my hair then it will be a little more manageable. Now I do like my natural curls which are started to come back into my hair so in the end I’m glad I went natural.

So that’s my wild & crazy hair journey & boy is it a trip.




Until Next Time Rock that hair! 💁

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