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Hello Readers or should I say Hello Aliens!
Ok so if that alien bit didn’t make since let me explain. So if you know me then you might not know that I am a huge Tokio Hotel fan. I have been since they first made their 2007 American debut. Let me explain. During the summer of 2007 I was watching tv one day while I was babysitting and I saw a commercial and their music video came on. It was for their highly successful single Monsoon. My reaction: So first Bill comes on the screen in the Hurst he is riding around in with a typewritter in his lap. Ok I’m not gunna lie but when I first saw Bill I thought he was a girl (you would too if you saw him back then). Anyway the video then cuts to Bill and the rest of the band in a helicopter over water. Then as they reach land one by one they each jump out and start playing their instruments. It starts raining and bam. The music was intriguing and the band was awesome but I think what sold me was Bill’s very good looking twin older brother Tom the guitarist (by 10 sec. lol). This was during Tom’s white boy lock faze and man I was all in it. So beautiful! And the rest is history…more or less.

After that I started following them like white on rice. Every little thing they did I was on it. New music, live performances, pics, interviews, you name it. Now the TH fan base is called the Aliens after a song on their 2009 album Humanoid appropriately called “Alien” (“Alien to love”).

More info on these amazing boys: They started out after Bill and Tom Kaulitz (the twins) started learning music at a young age. They then went to a local club in 2001 in Magdeburg, Germany (their hometown) and where playing a gig together and found their bassets and drummer George Listing, & Gustav Schafer. They got to writing and playing together and at about 13 they put out a small record under the name Devilish.


They were so cute back then.

Later at the age 15 in 2005, they put out their first album as Tokio Hotel in German only. Boy did they know they were about to blow up. The album was called Schrei and their first big single from the album was Durch den Monsun (a fav of mine). Then two years later they put out Zimmer 483 (Room 483) in Europe and Scream (Schrei) in the US. This was when the boys went on their massive 1000 Hotels tour in Europe sending poor Bill to the hospital to get throat surgery. Good thing he did though or else we may not have any more TH. Then in 2009 their 4th album Humanoid was put out and they went on a massive tour that year. Fast forward about 5 years the twins moved to LA and their 5th album Kings of Suburbia was just released this month.


Now that you got some background, on to the music!: First I’ll tell you guys some songs I love and think you should check out from their last few albums and then I’ll review KOS.

Schrei/Scream/Zimmer 483/Room 483: Since the German ones where put out first as separate albums and the English version was just a completion of both then I put them together.

Durch den Monsun/Monsoon: Durch den Monsun was TH first single off their first album as a band. Monsoon followed two years later as their first US single. Monsoon was the first song I ever heard from the band and when I went back and watched the German version when they were so small and cute it sold me even more. As explained above I fell in love with the band with these songs. Very emotional in a good way. Def a must watch.

Schrei/Scream: Schrei was their second single off Schrei & was also re-released in English as Scream. Both videos show the band being angsty and sexy as they were teens at the time. This song was done before Bill had to get throat surgery and his vocal cords where at their highest level. They’re in a room with fans playing while it shows different people making out. Then they do the most clique band thing and brake their instruments. It’s a very fun video & song and when I’m feeling upset or whatever I put it on and Scream!



Ubers Ende der Welt/Ready Set Go: The English version was the second single off Scream their first English album and the German version was off their second album Zimmer 483. The video is the band in some kind of boot camp where their being herded around in rows like sheep trying to escape. It goes from this to the band playing the song. I love it!

Ubers Ende der Welt:

Ready Set Go:

Other songs I like:

Wir schliessen uns ein/no English version,

Spring nicht:

Don’t Jump:

1000 Meere/1000 Oceans, Break Away, By Your Side, Final Day, Rette mich/Rescue Me, Raise Your Hands

Humanoid: Their 2009 album which both English and German have the same name.

Noise & Hey You: Their like Scream and are very get up and do something about what’s been done wrong.

Humanoid, Automatic, Dogs Unleashed, Human Connect to Human, Love & Death, Pain of Love, Alien, Down on You, Attention: Dark, Upbeat, Dance, Rock

Zoom In to Me, Forever Now, Phantomrider, World Behind My Wall, That Day: Emotional, Dark, Singer/Songwriter, Rock

And Now Kings of Suburbia Review:

Now take TH of the past and flip it 180 degrees and you have TH 2.0. In the beginning Tokio Hotel had a unique style and sound; very glam rock with a touch of pop. Bill defiantly had a style all his own and wore it well. Back when TH started, black & guy-liner was big in music especially among bands at the time and Bill was big into that. He would wear guy-liner, big hair & nail polish (why I thought he was a girl at first lol) and rocked it with passion. Now you wouldn’t recognize Bill if you saw him on the streets; he is a no-eyeliner, no nail polish, tattooed, blond haired, 25 year old man (and I like it haha). They all have changed for that matter; Tom & Bill both grew out their facial hair, George cut his beautiful locks and Gustav went back to blond. Plus when they started Tom had beautiful golden white boy locks and then in 2009 he changed it up and went to dark haired corn rolls then in 2012 back to locks to his now straight shoulder length hair. Tom’s hair is always beautiful and his lip piercing XD Speaking of piercings Bill has many now; a bunch on his ears, two lip & a eyebrow piercing.

Bill-bill-and-tom-kaulitz-th-3754249-427-640Tokio Hotel Press Conference & Photocall




Enough about their appearance let get into the album. So Kings of Suburbia is their 5th album to date which came out digitally Oct 3rd over seas and Oct 6th in America. This album has gone to #1 on the iTunes Chart just by pre-sales alone in like every country. Plus they just recently hit #1 on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ with her first single “Love Who Loves You Back”. Basically TH could have been gone for decades come back and still blow up the charts.

Ok the songs. So like I said this album it is very different from the stuff they did as teenagers in Germany. It’s a lot more grown up, got a dance vibe to it (thanks to DJ Tom) & tells the story of their move from Germany to LA to get away and recharge and the LA nightlife. They left Germany because they were being stocked by crazy fans and felt like they couldn’t have any privicy there so Bill & Tom decided they would move to LA and take some time off so they could just have a normal life. They say that since they have been in the spot light since they were 13 they never really got a private life to just do them. So they were like peace out Germany hello LA and what came of their 5 year hiatus is 15 songs about life, love and fun.

Song Review:

Feel It All- very dance, very club like, talk of love, not as dark as a lot of their other music, DJ Tom hittin them beats

Stormy Weather- very auto-tune (not a big fan), lyrics are kind of dry in terms of emotion and not really a favorite of mine

Run, Run, Run- very emotional, talk of loss of love, more singer/songwriter, we get to hear Tom’s beautiful piano playing again, reminds me of Zoom Into Me off Humanoid

Music Video of RRR- Tom playing the piano and smoking (bad habit guys shame shame lol), Bill sitting on an amp with this giant buffalo shoes on singing sexy into a mic

Love Who Loves You Back- Their first single for the album is kind of crazy with a good message. The song it self  kind of reminds me of MGMT, Justice, or Foster the People. Emotional and sexy & conveys their message to love who loves you back.

Music Video for LWLYB- Basically Bill having an orgy with like a bunch of random good & not so good looking men and women. Tom, George and Gustav are in the background playing their instruments and its very much a club like atmosphere. Anyway Bill makes out with many different people pimpin it out lol givin us that sexy face haha. He even at one point goes into an elevator with this fat old guy and gets a blow job by him. “Some are big, some are small, some are born with it all” “Some are in it for the kill some just do it for the thrill” Way crazer then any music video or song they have ever done. Kind of reminds me of the Scream video but a lot more mature.

Covered In Gold- more auto-tune eww!, the beat is on point though and the chorus is good I’ll give this a 6/10 if I had to rate it. “Fall in love, fall in love, out of love out of love out of love”

Girls Got a Gun-lyrics weak, beat ok more rock with a little electronic bit to it, reminds me of the desert.

Music Video for GGG- out in the desert with these three women dressed in drag & a big furry blue dressed up animal thing with big balls. It’s just weird. The band is not even really in the video and when you do see Bill and Tom, Tom is on his motorcycle for about 5 secs and Bill is on his hands and knees with a weird mask on and lot of jewelry covering his naked tattooed chest dancing around crazy. Very unexpected from them but I guess that’s the point.

Kings of Suburbia- “We are the Kings & Queens of Suburbia some where in town we don’t know where we are” A favorite of mine. I like the message that every kid growing up thinks there little part of town is the shit and that you are the king or queen of wherever but in reality it’s not that special but for a moment its bomb.

We Found Us- ok again not a favorite but its good no auto-tune yay, lyrics are blah and its the kind of song that you can listen to in a club and get lost.

Invaded- lyrics very emotional, darker, reminds me more of their old music, more piano, I love it.

Never Let You Down- nice title, auto-tone though :c, better then other auto-tune songs, ok beat

Louder then Love- Favorite song off the album, emotional, darkish but with a dark turns to light feel, a everything is going to be ok feel. “louder louder louder then” “nothings louder then love so whisper your heart don’t be scared of the dark” Beautiful! A must listen.

Masquerade- another favorite, beautiful!, dance but rock with a great message about people being fake and putting on a masquerade and not being real, great beat anther must listen. “A million lies behind blue eyes, in the Masquerade of heroes” “You don’t know what life is till you die for it” “In the Masquerade of Heroes”

Dancing in the Dark- ok, great beat reminds me of outer space, another auto-tune but not as noticeable “why can’t you fight about us, why can’t you fight about us”

The Heart Get No Sleep- great beat, another get lost in the club song, I like it 8/10

Great Day- another favorite, “It’s a great day to say goodbye” “It’s ok cause I’ll be alright”, great  beat, lyrics are cool, a win-win 🙂


So that is Kings of Suburbia. Now if anybody reading this was a big TH fan before and is kind of bumped they don’t get as much “band” in this album and more electronic well you can hear the band in about 7 of their 15 songs and yea if you hate the auto-tune as much as me I feel yea. But even though I might not get any real hard riffs from my man Tom he is on point with his DJ skills and piano playing so I guess I don’t mind. But one thing I wish they would do more is feature the Gs. They are important to us Aliens just as much as the twins. Plus I always thought George was really cute too 😉


Oh and one more thing TH TV:


Now if you don’t know, Tokio Hotel TV is like a behind the scenes webseries of the band talking about an album, doing fun things, or just being their goofy boy selves lol

So the reason we found out about this album being put out was because TH TV came back. At first most of us aliens where kind of over the whole waiting game. Then in mid-August TH TV premiers and bam the album get a release date, they put out songs and videos out on Fridays and they tease us in TH TV songs. It was great after a 5 year wait. So anyway we had a great 8 weeks we got the hilarity of the boys, learned about the making of the album, songs and videos and why they left us for so long & Germany and it was wonderful. Favorite episodes have to be: All of them there all great in their own ways.

So this is Tokio Hotel and I love them! The reason I love them so much is because they have been able to get through a lot of things that I have gone through in my life like the almost death of a friend, my crazy family and school. They really help me feel better or loved or that there is someone out there that understands. They are touring in 2015 and it is a goal of mine to go see them live finally! Hope you enjoyed reading about them and they are a great thing to check out. Also follow them on the social media: fb/twitter/instagram: tokio hotel Bill: instagram- Bill Kaulitz Tom: instgram- Tom Kaulitz (the one with no pics…yet ;D) George Listing, & Gustav Schafer- instagram George Listing Gustav Schafer

Catch you on the flip-side and remember to love who loves you back and have a great day 😀

Some favorite pics of the boys:

tumblr_naz1ud7f3f1ta4qk1o1_1409153557_cover tumblr_inline_nchpa0uNAY1qm8wgb tumblr_inline_nchp9mlRo21qm8wgb tumblr_inline_ncd04sl0Gv1qm8wgb tumblr_inline_nbuz0z8HsL1qm8wgb tokio-hotel-pose-lado-alexi--large-msg-14123422497386 Tokio Hotel Press Conference & Photocall Tokio Hotel Press Conference & Photocall Tokio Hotel Press Conference & Photocall tokio 2014 orig-22125249 image1 ByJ2AwYIEAAX2-F 10689446_10152498714548650_649598405739625118_ntumblr_nd2yi1PD2y1qc1sb1o2_r1_250



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  1. Thanks a lot for the review! It made me nostalgic to go through their story, eventhough I’m quite familar with it. I’m an Alien stil from their German career as I live in Europe and luckily know German 😊 i was also supprised how much different the album was but I got to love it. When it comes to my favorite songs they are : love who loves you back, heart get no sleep, feel it all and never let you down. It’s so great that they are back! And Georg got so handsome with the new haircut and the buff 😊 but Tom was always my fav too! Did you hear that the twins are writing a book?! I cant’t wait!! Greetings from another Alien. Great job with the review!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I herd the twins where writing a book it will be great. Have you gone to any of their tour dates during the FIA European leg? Thanks for the comment and always nice to get a comment from another Alien!

      1. Hey, I didn”t go unfortunately… By the time I realized that they will have show in the Netherlands it was too late 🙁 Did zou go to their show???

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