Eco-Green Girls Planting with the Kids

Today I helped out at a local DC organization called Green Girls Go where we showed little kids how to plant (because its never too early to learn about plants).

We went to this really dope garden space and helped the kids learn about the Earth. Lia Totty from Green Girls Go, Angela Adrar from Ecohermanas and myself set up the different stations and then it was time to start.

First we showed them different veggies for them to try like carrots, grape tomatoes & basil. Once we were done trying veggies we, helped the kids pick out some seeds to grow that will grow during the late summer-fall like squash, pumpkin & beets. Then we pulled out the other plants that were in the raised beds and put the seeds in the dirt. We showed them the roots of the plants and how the roots connect to the organic matter in the Earth to grow the plants. After we planted the seeds we watered them while the kids played in the bens of dirt.

Next we helped the kids make bird feeders out of orange peals and string. We took the core orange edible part out of the peal then we put three wholes in them. After we put our three wholes in we tied the string inside and at the top. Once we finished tying the string we added bird seeds inside and will hang it up.

I think it was a really great turn out and the kids were very excited about it and the parents. The kids ranged in age between baby to around 7-8 years old. They were all very eager to get their hands dirty. The parents were happy too a lot of them were new home buyers in the area and grateful they got to take some seeds home to grow. A lot of fun was had by all and hopefully we will be doing a series of these classes soon.

Green Girls Go is a girls empowerment and career exploration program, that teaches girls aged 8-13 about environmental justice, anti-oppression, and holistic health education, as well as sustainable arts/crafts, and ecopreneurship. They work under the parent organization of Eco City Friends. Eco City Friends is an educational and sustainability consulting organization that provides year-round out-of-school youth leadership programming for kids in grades PreK-6th.

Ecohermanas is a place to share inspiration, ideas, host conversations, uplift people, events and creations that bring us in harmony with Mother Earth. Together we create a bold sisterhood (gender variant) culture of awareness, energy, and flow around issues that cultivate community inspired by the shared acts of creation, play, and abundance that are embodied in Mother Earth and lead to the greater co-fulfillment of our potential as a whole.




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