“Columbusing”- When White People Make Pre-Existing things Cool


I’ve seen this in a few places on my Facebook newsfeed. College Humor has taken the liberty to start a new word for when white people take over something that was already around. It’s called “Columbusing” which takes it back to when Columbus thought he had “desercoverd” new land by taking over Turtle Island from the Natives. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5526658 (click on link to view video)

They give a few examples in the video like Miley and Twerking, Sublime & Reggae, Humus, Zumba, & Moccasins.
But what else have white people “Columbused” ?
Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop, Popular Slang “What’s up my Homie?”, Locks, Africa, Jambe Drums, Native Head Dresses, Loud Music in your car, Weed, Timberland Boots, Jazz, Backwards hats, “Yo”, Spirituality (outside of the main 3 religions), Jamaica, Pocahontas, Egypt, Harlem Shake, history

As you can see they have been doing this since well forever. The video is pretty funny though and yes I do own a pee coat so it’s “off to the outlets”

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