Girls Meets World: ’90s Nostalgia or Disney Fluff?


If you remember “Life’s tough get a helmet” or the Fenny Call “Fenny! Feeeny!” then you watched TGIF as child on Abc or the reruns of the show on Disney Channel. I’m talking about Boy Meets World and if your as big a fan as I am then you were pumped they were making a sequel spin-off. Then when you herd it would be on the Disney Channel you got nerves.

Now if you were born in the ’90s you remember a time when Disney Channel had great sitcoms like Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, The Famous Jett Jackson, That’s So Raven and more. What was so great about those shows was that they didn’t make the world seem so safe like nothing was ever going to happen to them. They might not have gone the rout of BMW but they did talk about things like smoking, shoplifiting, hormones, guns, getting the wrong kind of attention from guys and other stuff. Now in days every show is basically fluffy slap stick comedy where the world is a safe place where parents don’t exist. What is that teaching kids?

What was great about BMW and other TGIF and ’90s sitcoms was the fact that they talked about issues that kids And teenagers were going through in real life and could relate to but were still funny. There is a show on Disney Channel right now called Jessie where this like 20 year old girl becomes the nanny of some movie star couples kids. They live in a mansion, have no rules and their parents are never there.

All I’m saying is we can all hope that since the original Boy Meets World director Michael Jacobs is the director for Girl Meets World he will be able to bridge the cap between issue originated story lines and Disney fluff.
Which from the pilot episode that is very possible.

*Warning this portion contacts many spoilers of the pilot episode which can be seen on the Watch Disney App, iTunes for free or wait until June 27th. Do not read if you dislike spoilers*

So the pilot of Girl Meets World is called Girl Meets Boy. Basically this episode opens us up to the different characters there are and their role in the show. We start off with Riley Cory & Topanaga’s daughter and her best friend Maya the Shawn to Riley’s Cory, trying to sneak out of her bedroom window to go ride the subway. Now if you have seen the trailers for this show the next scene should be familiar. In pops Cory then Topanaga and they lay some wisdom on them about making this world theres. Next they are at the Subway station as Cory and Topanaga let them go on and Riley starts to feel cool and says she wants to be just like Maya. When they get on the train Riley sees a cute boy she likes but is too nervous to go say hi so Maya goes over and talks to him and brakes the ice. Then Riley gets pushed into Jackie Harry’s lap. (One of two cameos in this episode and its awesome) funny stuff happens ect ect. The next day at school Riley & Maya are on their way to class talking about there teacher and then they walk in and its Cory. He has become a history teacher and kind of the new Mr. Fenny. Now basically the rest of the episode plays out like this: Maya doesn’t do her homework, Riley has to choose between her father & best friend and we are introduced to another few characters Farkle (spelling) & Lucus. Farkle is the new Minkus and Lucus is the hot guy from on the train. Now Jackie shows up again on the show when their on the train giving sound advice and her hilarious wit. Maya sets the classroom sprinklers on by starting the homework rebellion and almost setting everyone’s homework on fire. In the end though they all come an agreement and pass the world on to Riley. Oh and when you watch it stay till the end credits you will be very happy. (It’s this poster on the Subway wall of Mr. Fenny and the poster comes to life and Fenny is standing there saying “Well Done Mr. Mathews”. So Awesome!)

Ok thats the gist of the episode now what did I think about it:
I thought that for Disney it was actually pretty well done. The acting was great, storyline was just Disney enough with that Michael Jacob’s touch. And it brought back enough nostalgia plus enough new for it to be a hit with us old heads and the kids.
Dislikes: not enough Topanaga. Well I know this is just the first episode but still I hope this isn’t a trend. I like Topanaga a lot and she is pretty wise and funny herself.
Too much Farkle. Farkle is cool and all but he is a little too out there. He needs to tone it down just a little and be more like Minkus.
More of their son Ogie. So cute and funny too even if just for comedic relief kind of like Morgan.

Well that in a nutshell is Girl Meets World. Now if only they could do the same with Clarrisa Explains it All where Sam & Clarrisa have a son who explains it all I would be happy.

Until next time ya’ll live long & out loud! 👊

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