Happy National Pride Month! 💜

Happy National Pride Month! #pride2014 #CapitalPride #loveislove


As you know or don’t know this weekend is National Capital Pride. Lots of crazy fun pride events all over the city will be happing one big one being the pride parade & festival Saturday & Sunday. I will be checking out some of the pre-stuff out on Friday as I have an equally important prier engagement on Saturday. I hope to maybe check out the Festival for a little on Sunday as well.

I went one year in the past and it was fun. People get crazy during pride and no gay guys in the parade ware any shirts lol. There are drag queens & activist groups and people who just have pride its great. Oh and did I mention beads lots and lots of beads 🙂

Anyway this month also marks the first “legally” recognized Pride Month in the US. Way to go Obama! 💜


Pride is important to me because not only do I have friends & family in the LGBTQA community, I am also big into human rights for all. No matter who you are you deserve to live in this world and be happy. I have actually come to find that the homosexual community are some of the nicest people I have ever met and a lot of them have some of the same beliefs I do. Plus as there is still a lot of disapproval of this world there is also a big out pore of approval and love. It’s a beautiful thing equality! 💛

LGBTQA In the Media:
The Fosters
RuPaul’s Drag Race
Orange Is the New Black
Gym Class Heroes- Face In the Hall
Marsha Ambrosius- Far Away
Tegan and Sara
Mary Lambert- Same Love

Just remember folks: “You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You”- Fall Out Boy 💚

Happy Pride! ❤️💛💚💙💜 👭👬💍


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