The Girl Who Wanted to Fly 🐝

Once upon a time there was a girl who wished she could fly. She had parents who loved her, 4 older siblings and friends who where there for her, but she was nervous to take that first flight . She grew up in a small town where everybody knew everyone else and they knew this town like the back of their hands. She had trouble in school for the first 12 years of her life and you could call her the coolest person in the room but was too anti-social for people to notice. She was shy, short, small for her age, slow, yet wise. You could say she was like a turtle taking life day by day. Her family saw her as the little sister, little cousin, the baby but saw that if she put her mind to it she could fly to the moon and back even when she didn’t feel the same way.

Growing up with dyslexia she thought to fly she needed the brains to make her wings open. She was smart and in some cases smarter then most but she was different. Her heart would tell her one thing but her mind computed it differently. Everything in her mind felt backwards and the closer she got to flying it always went a step back. She started a club-her wings opened 8 people showed up-her wings closed up. Tragedies struck, siblings where put out of her life, and yet she still wanted to fly. After living in a town for 19 years in the same house she finally got the chance.

She took that flight far away to the Rocky Mountain terrain. When she arrived her wings where small and closed yet mighty. She meet new people in a new town from many different towns and learned about herself. Some people were nice and became some of her best friends like family even and others were just there to test her. The ones that wanted to test her only made her stronger the more they tried to clip her wings the bigger they became and by the end her wings grew so big she finally felt the confidence she needed to be able to sore across the sky.

For that girl who wished she could fly she had finally flu. Her spirit was open in a way it never had before. She wasn’t just cool in her head anymore. She went down the road and everybody new her name and she felt good.

After she learned to spread her wings she came home and joined the rants of middle American workforce. At first she started to learn more of the ways of the workplace which helped her wings to grow to new hights. She even joined an organization that helps her feel alive. Like she had found her family and something worth fighting for. That when ever she is around them she smiles and feel the happiest she ever felt.

Now this girl who believed she could fly is trying to find that one thing that makes her sore higher then the stars. To bring those things in her life that make her wings spread far and wide and make them her life.

Take from this story that even though there will be challenges in your life you have to let your spirit sore get up and fly find what makes you happy get out of town come back leave again until you find what makes your wings open so big and lets your light shine through! ☀️

Sincerely the Turtle 🐢


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