Living Single (tv show) in the 21st Century

Happy Friday all and more important happy Memorial Day or first weekend of summer. I am so ready for some warm weather and the opening of my pool but I do wish I was taking a trip somewhere.

Anyway so when you have a lot of time on your hands due to lack of work, you end up watching a lot of day time tv (and there are some weird things on). Well I have been watching a lot of this show you might remember from the ’90s Living Single. You remember Queen Latifah was in it and they all lived in New York and it was basically Friends but the cast was black (and in my option better).


Living Single centered around 4 women and 2 guys living in this apartment building in New York going through life in their late 20s-early 30s. You have Khadijah who is Queen’s character who owns her own urban magazine called Flavor and employed her eccentric cousin Synclaire as her secretary. Then you have Khadijah’s college best friend Maxine who was a lawyer and who lives in the apartment across the street and comes over to put in her two cents and eat all their food (and man can she eat). Next there is Regine who is a very stuck up, high end kind of person. She grew up with Khadijah in the lower end of Jersey and is very into money, high end fashion and guys with money and high end fashion. Both Sinclair and Regine live in the apartment with Khadijah Now the guys live upstairs in an apartment together. You have Kyle and Overtain who both have romantic relationships with one of the girls. Kyle is a business man who is very Afro-centric and has a rocky relationship with Max as they tease each other constantly and then one day fall in love. Overton is from Ohio and is the apartment buildings handy man always fixing everything. He also has romance with one of the girls, Synclaire. The relationships is quite cute and towards the end of the show they end up getting married. Each episode was half-hour and basically was about some event that happend to one of the 6 and the ways the try to solve whatever it is.

But what if Living Single was made today? With all the social media and cell phones, texting & dating sites things might have been a little different.

Take Khadijah for example she has a a few good relationships in her time. She dates many basketball players who she at first is interviewing for an issue of Flavor but then ends up going out with them. Today with all our technology, she could have stocked the basketball player online like talking to him on Facebook or Twitter. She also goes through I long distance relationships with her best friend who she fell in love with. Facebook would of helped that as she could of posted on his wall and even Skype as they could have video chatted. Even Flavor could of become an online magazine and reached more people that way.

Then you have Synclaire who wanted to become an actress. With google finding a acting job would have been way easier then waiting for a call. With Overton who she had to wait for him to come around to asking her out, she could of made small hints on her Facebook page at him to give him the idea that she liked him. Oh and they all could of benefited from the various hair blogs and YouTube videos.

Regine who I think would have loved our technology could have found a date easy on the web. With eharmony, and tender she could of found a nice rich well clothed man in a second. Then she would have loved the uber taxi app and iPhones in general because she was a very lazy person and we all know the iPhone makes us all lazy.

Max well she would have loved the online ordering system because she was pretty lazy herself. Max also went on a number of dates her self before falling in love with Kyle. Again dating sites could of helped her a lot plus if he was awful she could blast him on social media or post some unflattering pics of him lol.

Now the guys let’s start with Kyle. He is like Max but a guy. He loves to go out with lots of women and is always poking fun at Max at any chance. If those two took their bantering to social media they would have a twitter feed full of weedy comebacks back and forth.

Lastly Overton the handy man. Now he is a very sweet guy and quite romantic. With our new technology he could of planned a great nigh out for him and Sinclair. Also having your own business he could have made a great website for his hand man business.

They all would have loved having cell phones. If some one forgot their key all they have to do is send a little text and then they come let you in. Or once Regine and Overton got stuck in a van during a snow storm and if they had smart phones they could have gotten help. Plus having a laptop would of been helpful with making Flavor or helping Max with her law briefs.

Well I think our new 21st century world would of done well with the ’90s crew. If we could go back there with their dope music, some what ok fashion and just the times and bring our technology It would made life easier. They should defiantly make a show today like Living Single or Friends but in 2014. Maybe it would be a show full of hipsters or wanna be rappers or DJs.

Well till next time stay “In a ’90s kind of world where your glad you got your girls”

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