“I Passed Away”-The Media Putting out Dead Musicans Music Right or Wrong?


I love music! If you know me you know their is one person who love a little bit too much (no not Bob) Michael Jackson. He is boss his music is amazing, timeless and thought provking. He was a head of his time in ways and he is greatly missed.

Anyway I follow his fan page on the Facebook and they keep advertising for his new album. Album? He is dead. It’s called Xscape and its a bunch of his old demos from back in the day that they monderized for the 21st cenutry youth of the world. So on Thursday they aired one of his new songs at the iHeartRadio Music Awards (what a joke of an award show). The song “Love Never Felt So Good” a duet with Mr. Justin Timberlake (love me some JT) was played with Usher doing dances inspired by him. Now I felt that was ok and I mean we all wish there was new MJ coming out of our speakers, and the duet is meh not really my cup of tea when I’ve heard better from both of them.

All this being said I wanted to put out there the thought of how these artist or artist families feel about the media putting out music of said artist after they pass on. MJ was a very private person (or at least wished he was) that didn’t always do things for the business but for the pure love of the game. The media needs money right so they take these artist like MJ, Jimi, and others after they have passed and take some demos or unreleased music to make them some money. Does any of this money go the family? Relatives? Kids? I know MJ was filthy rich but still. He left 3 kids in the hands of his mom and sister. They should get some of the money and really this should be the families idea to release the music.

I just think if I died I would not want my music being put all over the world just for the media to make money off. I didn’t relese it back then why would I relese it now. I might give remixes of a song or another artist paying tribute by singing or dancing to a song but not a full on album. That’s just my 2 cents 🙂

Stay Beautiful My Peeps!

PS- The Album Cover looks Hella Photoshopped lol

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