Trip-Hop: European Hip-Hop

So as you may know or might not know I am in love with music! I proubly love it more then people (although I love my homies). I love all kinds of music from hip-hop to rock to folk & country to Native American & World Music to EDM, Dance & Dubstep to R&B to Reggae and the list goes on… I love oldies, the ’90s and some music from today (although I am one of those kids who feels today’s music could be better). Well this being said I wanted to introduce you to a musical style which kind of has a little bit of everything I listen to in it called Trip-Hop.

What the heck is Trip-Hop? At first I didn’t know either I thought it was what people who where trying to be cool called hip-hop. Then I one day herd Zero 7’s “In the Waiting Line” song in the movie Garden State when Andrew pops Molly and plays spin the bottle. I thought that song did that scene justice as it made the scene feel dream like and trippy. I loved this kind of music which feels dark and dreamy and like they wrote it at night in a dark basement with some colorful led lights going off.

But really what is trip-hop? Well its a type of music that takes hip-hop beats and pairs them with old European or Indie singers. Trip-hop was created in the ’90s in Europe by the hip-hop heads. They wanted to mix it with what is good about European music with this new form of music that was being created in the US. One of the big trip-hop artist in the ’90s was DJ Shadow with In/Flux. Today this music has migrated to America and more places all over the world and more of the Indie artist are taking part in it.

It’s great music to fall asleep to, if your having a bad day or good, whenever really. I like to call it mood music as it helps you feel if your the kind of person who feels through music like me.

Some trip-hop artist:
Zero 7 (espiscally when Sia was their lead singer), Telepopmusik, Nightmares On Wax, Blue Foundation, Rhye, Groove Amanda, Lovage, Portishead, Massive Attack, Gabin, ect. just to name a few…

You hear a lot of trip-hop in movies and tv shows as their theme songs. Take the show House their theme song is Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Trip-Hop also is sampled in other music too like Daydream In Blue by I Monster is sampled in Lupe’s song Daydreamin’ with Jill Scott and Finally Moving by Pretty Lights samples You Wish by Nightmare on Wax in parts.

Trip-Hop is a very underground music form but is starting to become more and more popular and I feel it might one day grow to be the next hip-hop or Dance Music.

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