Herbs 4 All Day! Seeds, Sun, Herbs, Fun


So yesterday I attended the 1st ever Herbs for All Day at the Community Arts Collective in DC. It was a lot of fun. The day started out with set up for our Ecohermanas table where many people where selling things and putting out information. My mom sold spirit baths, books and other random nick nacks as well our eco sister Jessie who couldn’t be in attendance sold her coffee and baths. We also had many people who were interested in Ecohermanas and the circle.

Once set up was done we joined in a circle and did the blessing of the space by my mom and Mama Walks on Water. Angela Adrar, Molly Meehan and Sarai Arais also gave there warm welcomes to everyone in attendence. There was some people there from the Piscataway tribe in South Maryland who helped open the space with a drum beat and song. Tahirah Cook another eco sister also went around and smudged everyone with sage.

Once we were all blessed we went to the first workshop. In this workshop we learned about the importance of herbalism and traditional medicine and we got to smell and taste different herbs like stevia, lemon verbena and lavender. We also learned how to make herbal sauerkraut and did a taste test. I learned during that workshop that you can roast dandelion and that elderberry is good for chest congestion.

After this workshop we went back downstairs and did more vending and look around. I met a lady (or young women) who I felt really connected to me as she wanted me and other young women to bring our spirit to these young girls who belief in this way of life and to feel validated about it and know there are ways to do this as an adult. Also to keep that spirit connection through what ever it is your doing may it be gardening, at school wherever and the importance of that.

We had a great DJ come named DJ Mezkla or Hugo Najera who had the beats bumping. A little later we had a Capoeira demonstration and history of the sport/dance. They were dope! There was also plenty of good food and some bomb sweet potato pie. They had a rifle where they gave away some cool prizes. My mom made some good money from her books and baths and came home with less.

The last discussion was from the Seed Collective which Blain, Angela, Sarai, Molly and others talked about the importances of seeds and the cultural aspect of the seed. Seeds are life but we gotta try and take it back to a pre-1492 way of looking at them.

After that I had to leave but I had a lot of fun. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while and it was beautiful day out (although the clouds did give us a sprinkle at times). I feel blessed I was able to share and help bring my energy in to making this a great event.



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