Happy Earth Life,The Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in the Nations Capital & The Labeling of GMOs in Vermont


Happy Belated Earth Day Everyone! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating our Mother Earth in all her glory.

In honer of Earth Day (or how I like to say it Earth Life because everyday is a good day to celebrate our mother) I felt it would be a good time to talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Native American farmers, ranchers, community members and environmentalists from the Cowboy Indian Alliance who are out in our nations capital this week on horseback, to protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline project, a 2,700-kilometer TransCanada pipeline which will move bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. These First Nation people and others all over the country find that this pipeline inter fears with the environment, our health and their traditional way of life. Many environmental groups all over the country have been trying to get law makers not to pass any laws to have this happen. The US Finance Minister Joe Oliver has said that Canada would continue with the pipeline with the Obama administration even with the US delaying their decision. Most people say that the pipeline would just encourage the development of tarsands and contribute if not worsen Global Warming. I feel that this pipeline is a hazard to our planet and our health. At the rate that the planet is warming and the winters are getting worse this will only make it happen more. The more people hurt our Mother Earth, the more she going to come back swinging and cause more craziness to try and clean herself up while the plants, animals & humans suffer in the process.

This Saturday will mark the end of the Cowboy Indian Alliance’s protest where we will hear closing arguments from the farmers, ranchers, tribal leaders, community members and those most affected by this pipeline. Starting at 11 am est by the White House, people will be asked to put their thumb print onto a tipi that the CIA will deliver to President Obama with thousands behind them and once it is done they will ride back to their encampment in song. I hope to go check it out and be in solidarity with my First Nation and environmentalist sisters and brothers. I will be sure to post pictures for all the family near and far who can’t be in attendance in person but are there in spirit and solodarity. We are all Mother Earth’s children so we all must take care of her and she will be sure to take care of us.

Happy Earth Life!

PS- Another piece of Earth Life news- Good job Vermont on making it legal for the labeling of GMOs so proud! Now hurry up Virginia and the DMV we wanna know the poison you use in our food too! 😉


For more information follow the Cowboy Indian Alliance on Facebook for updates from the protest.



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