Baby Daddy- ABC Family Comedy Gold?

So every Wednesday (or the next day as there is always just so much to watch) I watch this hilariously funny family comedy show on ABC Family called Baby Daddy. For those that don’t know, Baby Daddy revolves around this guy named Ben who had a one night stand with a girl and 9 months later prego. But the catch is Ben doesn’t know and is one day caught off guard by the baby sitting outside of his door. The mom leaves the baby for Ben to take care of and hilarious things happen. Now Ben is a bar tender who lives in NYC with his best friend Tucker (Tahj) and his brother Danny. His mom lives down the hall and she is newly single after being married and left as she finds out her husband is gay. A long time family friend Riley also lives in NYC and works for a law firm. And thats about it besides the fact that Danny likes Riley, Riley used to like Ben (but I think secretly still does) and Ben likes girls (and Riley).

What’s the appeal of this show? Well you have Melissa Peterson who was on Reba and Tahj who’s sisters are Tia & Tamera and he had a super funny show called Smart Guy back in the day. Their chemistry together is unstoppable. Tahj & Melissa work so well together and both are hilariously funny people. Another appeal is the hot guys. Now I have had a crush on Tahj since I was 12 and have always loved him. Then you have Danny played by Derek Theler who is tall and handsome plus has an awesome body 😉 He is apparently also a model.

What else can I say except just with in the first 5 mins you will be rolling on the floor laughing (figuratively of course) and this is one of the first family comedies you can watch with your kids and still laugh along.

All in all this show gets an A+ in my book!

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