All That Turns 20


If you were a kid or teen in the ’90s you most likely remember this:
“Welcome to Good Burger Home of the Good Burger Can I take your order?” 

This simple phrase propelled Kel Mitchell into ’90s Nick super celeb (at least among kids 3-12). Him and his also as funny co-star Kenan Thompson where the hit of your every Saturday night growing up. SNICK the block that put Saturday nights for kids on the map with the help of Kenan & Kel. A half hour of All That to another half hour of Kenan & Kel. This show made super stars of these two young actors even giving them their own blockbuster movie hit in Good Burger (still one of my favorite movies to this day). 

As famous as those two were and still are there are some other key players that made All That and the ’90s what they were. In honer of All That turning 20 this year (and Dan Schindler finally being recognized for his comedy gold) I thought I might do the little known heroes of ’90s Nick. 

We all know Amanda Bynes and her crazy self (who I hear is doing better but will see) who appeared in seasons 2-6 and then made the Amanda Show (grosser but still had a few funny sketches) went on to do another Dan show What I Like About You on the WB network and a few good movies like She’s the Man, Hairspray & Easy A (love this movie).

Another that some forget or didn’t know even came from Nick is Nick Cannon himself who appeared in season 4 (guest star), 5-6. After being hilarious in the inconvent store with Ken where they dressed up as women and where ghetto and obnoxious he took his character and made a spin off called the Nick Cannon Show. Then going on to such movies like Drumline, the remake of Can’t Buy Me Love and of course marring Me Me her self. 

This one might be a surprise one as it was for me until I looked at it again. Danny Tamberelli or little Pete if you were also a fan of The Adventures of Pete and Pete (which did you know Michelle Trachtenberg was first on P&P before doing Harriet The Spy). I know I know “he was on All That?” Yes but not for long like Nick he started in season 4 as a guest star then became a regular 5-6. I can’t say I know what Danny did after his run on Nick. Apparently he has a band (just like little Pete) and the cast of Pete & Pete had a reunion not to long ago and yea thats all I know as of now. 

These next few go into the volt from the first few seasons and being the ones who started this whole thing but sadly not as often do they get any praise for it. 

Lori Beth Denberg is a queen of comady. Being one of the first official cast members of All That she brought us 4 laugh to tears filled seasons of her heart. As a kid you actually thought Vital Information was really good information you should actually use. She was also one of the older ones of the cast and decide after season 4 she needed to leave. She was a regular on the Steve Harvey Show until it ended and like Danny I don’t know what she did after. I know that there was an All That reunion panel at Comikaze (Stan Lee’s version of Comiccon) in 2011 she attended and that she has became an ordained minister. 

Angelica Bates (who I am currently Instagram friends with) served 2 seasons of All That. Her leaving was bitter to me as I feel she is not widely remembered and her talents where not seen to there potential. Her most memorable sketches where Urkle, Mandy in the Randy & Mandy bits & being a Good Burger employee. She too attended the All That reunion panel and is still friends with most of the cast. 

Alisa Rayes (who I’m also Instagram friends with too) served on 3 seasons of All That and was an original cast member. She is remembered most notably for playing Kiki the Island girl with Lori Beth, filling in for Angelica as Sandy after she left and other things. She also attended the panel and is just awesome. 

Katrina Johnson (who I’m not Insta friends with) served 3 seasons too and was also an OG of All That. You might remember her as the lemonade scammer, her Ross Perot impressions (which were spot on) and playing the cute little kid in all the sketches. After she left the show she was on the reunion panel and recently started her own show on UnCensered radio.

This last one is more famous then most of the others and was one of the longest running OG cast members to last all 6 seasons. 

Josh Server (Insta friends) serving all 6 seasons he out lasted some season veterans like Ken & Kel and Lori Beth. You know and love him as Ear Boy, and Detective Dan and loved his true nature of the characters. He played a small role in the hit movie Good Burger as one of the employees. After All That he did a few guest staring roles in some Nick shows such as Ned’s Declassified and Drake & Josh. 

After 6 long years of bring one of the best sketch comedy shows for kids to our TV sets every Saturday night the run was over. All That took a brake for a year but brought it back for season 7-10. (those where the not so good seasons) 

Back in the ’90s you might notice how Nick was very good at aiming their tv programing towards kids of color. They had shows like All That, Ken & Kel, The Brother’s Garcia, Gula Gula Island and so one. Unlike todays shows where there isn’t a person of color in sight, Nick knew a big chunk of its viewers where of color and really tried to market to them.
In doing this Nick would the hottest R&B and hip-hop stars out there come on the show. They even had TLC do the theme song for the show, most of there cast was of color it just worked well. I think that was a recipe for success! 

All That will forever be one of my staples growing up and a favorite for life. Kids today just don’t know comedy like we used to. So thank you All That for all the laughs you brought to children everywhere.

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