Food what a wonders thing. It fuels our bodies and helps get us through the day. But food can have its draw backs as well. You eat too much you get fat so you eat too little and your too skinny. So many rules of what to eat, how to eat and what you should and should not eat. But if food is suppose to help nourish your body then why is there always a big fuss over it. Food should be comforting, nourishing, tasty, beautiful and full of love. Food is a gift from your our Earth Mother (most of it) and she is a loving mother and she takes her time to grow (with help from us) our food for us to consume. Her lushes fruits and nuts her beautiful veggies ready for picking right out of the ground and her herbs from plants that heal us when we are sick. When we take the food she has provide for us and start to over analyze this food then it becomes less about the love and more about eating just to stay alive. For me food is life! To worry about how some food may make you fat is taking food for granted. Eat if your hungry that’s what food is there for. Of course try to eat the right kind of foods that only come from Mother Earth and not from a factory and be healthy about your decisions but eat. Take the time to pick your food from the Earth and cook your food with fresh ingredients and take the time to really taste and savor the food you have just prepared. I feel love is the key to life and food is love so we must learn to love eating for the power of love. If the creator made you fat or skinny they must of had a reason and as long as you eat healthy and live a loving life through food you might just gain or loose that weight ;D
PS- A nice jog or walk through Mother Earth might also help 😉

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Ayisah is a hippie who loves Mother Earth and takes a lot of pride in her African American & Native American heritage. She loves turtles & dolphins and hopes to move to California one day and live by the beach. She loves nature and taking photos of everything. Helping people is a way of life for Ayisah she treasures it a lot and prides her self on being a giving, loving person. She takes her spiritual beliefs very seriously. She is studying to become a social justice photo journalist and starting this blog is her first step.

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